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Welcome to Shadowtrain, a regular gathering of poems, reviews and other writings, from the lyrical to the innovative − whatever happens to sting and stun the editor. Hop aboard and enjoy the trip.

September-October, 2013
Shadowtrain 41

Tim Allen writes of the island so simple from the sea; Lucy Burnett listens to the harmonic putt-putt-putt of hailstones; Nathalie Crick hears something alight inside; Bridget Kursheed hangs little lambskins out to dry; Audrey Reynolds washes all the clothes she has worn this evening; Kevin Graham loves the logistics of it; Matt Bryden hangs a shirt from a nozzle; Libby Hart wonders how to live as rain; Carole Coates spies the ship coming into port with frosted rigging; Nathan Thompson watches the room come alive.