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September-October, 2008

Alasdair Paterson wishes God could get well again; John Welch has the sense of a commanding presence; Catherine Hales grows more authentic than the real thing; Paul Sutton itches for enlightenment; Gareth Durasow acknowledges tragic flaws; David Caddy dips him in the water; Wendy Thornton sits with a manifest destiny; Jan Petersen wonders how much time she’s got; Iain Britton’s babbling Babels collapse; Colin Harris invents the apocryphal; Giles Goodland watches God hide in the pylon as a small bird. And with all that there’s a visit to the Reality Street Book of Sonnets.

Alasdair Paterson

John Welch

Catherine Hales

Paul Sutton

Gareth Durasow

David Caddy

Wendy Thornton

Jan Petersen

Iain Britton

Colin Harris

Giles Goodland

The Reality Street Book of Sonnets

Notes on Contributors

'All morning I was humming that song about the road to ruin...'