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November-December, 2008

In Issue 26, Obododimma Oha has a plan within a plan; Hannah Silva is patterned by darkness; Anatoly Kudryavitsky witnesses underwater time; Marcus Slease tunes in to tattered signals; Sarah Hymas enters a closed abattoir; Heidi Colthup observes a seahorse husband; Adam Burbage waits for an upturn in fortunes; C. J. Allen looks back on impossible days; Rupert M Loydell gives us the last word from Paradise ; Matt Bryden joins the factory to see women without their makeup; Amy Slater goes light-headed; Rufo Quintavalle floats as he sees fit ;Mark Goodwin homes out from a perfect place.

Obododimma Oha

Hannah Silva

Anatoly Kudryavitsky (translated by Siobhán McNamara)

Marcus Slease

Sarah Hymas

Heidi Colthup

Adam Burbage

C.J. Allen

Rupert M Loydell

Matt Bryden

Amy Slater

Rufo Quintavalle

Mark Goodwin

Notes on Contributors

'it has
patterned by
I can hear it