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May-June, 2009

Abdulkareem Kasid navigates wisdom and the sea; Rebecca Goss writes of cold, unstoppable waves; Nigel Pickard slides to a distant skyline; Emma Lew travels far from the pearly shell; Virginia Konchan explores the vita nova; Alasdair Paterson bursts wave on wave; Katherine Holmes catches the azure unawares; Aidan Semmens rejects the horizontal blend; Glenn R. Frantz travels in a cardboard submarine; and Ian Seed sails to Zoë Skoulding's Remains of a Future City.

Abdulkareem Kasid

Rebecca Goss

Nigel Pickard

Emma Lew

Virginia Konchan

Alasdair Paterson

Katherine Holmes

Aidan Semmens

Glenn R. Frantz

Zoe Skoulding

Notes on Contributors

'...I longed to stand firm on the sea ...'