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July-August, 2010


Noel Williams runs for anywhere the fire is not; Libby Hart touches the bulk of ache; Mohsen Jabbari watches shapeless feathers falling; Claire Crowther is frightened by the offer from a strange god; Carrie Etter spends hours in partial rearrangements; Rupert M Loydell has an idea more powerful than itself; Keith Jafrate roots the illusion again; while Steve Spence remembers in the dark what he wants to be.


Fragments of a forgotten genesis: Ian Seed reviews Abdellatif Laâbi.

Noel Williams

Libby Hart

Mohsen Jabbari

Claire Crowther

Carrie Etter

Rupert M Loydell

Keith Jafrate

Steve Spence

Review: Abdellatif Laabi

Notes on Contributors

'It seems right that a map is needed to find you...'