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It had been snowing all night long;
the shapeless feathers falling in the dark,
turning pale orange before the lampposts.

The schools were off the next morning.
We avalanched into the unasphalted streets,
slipping and sliding in a chaos of snowballs.

Some kids tried to build a snowman;
some tried to build an igloo;
some made a huge pile of snowballs;
and I got hold of an icicle the size of my arm
and made a spear out of it.

Those with the snowballs leveled the half-built igloo to the ground;
and I thrust my spear into the snowman's heart
(after a certain fashion I must've learned from TV;)
then they broke my spear and beat the snowball throwers black and blue.

Puffing, we all sat on the curbstone-
with frozen toes and sopping socks-
and chose, unconsciously, to feel numb.

Copyright © Mohsen Jabbari, 2010