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November-December 2010


Sheila E. Murphy walks forth shorter than a dreamed name; Giles Goodland has to go through in order to make sense; Lisa Samuels is sure the window is bright and heavy; Peter Hughes rolls up for the paragliding donkeys; Aidan Semmens must realise the tremendous strength inherent; Scott Thurston feels that someone else has come in; Ken Champion resists running to keep up with her dark eyes; while Pat Jourdan documents and unravels.


Infinite Difference: Ian Seed on Other Poetries by UK Women Poets.

Perpetual Bombardment: Rupert M Loydell casts a critical eye over some recent pamphlet offerings.

Sheila E. Murphy

Giles Goodland

Lisa Samuels

Peter Hughes

Aidan Semmens

Scott Thurston

Ken Champion

Pat Jourdan

Infinite Difference reviewed by Ian Seed

Pamphlet Reviews by Rupert M Loydell

Notes on contributors

'Past midnight, doing something not for print...'